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Making Money From Writing Blog Reviews

What if I told you that there was a way to make lots of money from your blog without you having to write a single word. The only thing that you would have to do is promote it. No, I’m not talking about those crappy blogs that use RSS feeds which aren’t always relevant, to update your blogs, but good, well written, optimized copy. Well you can. Making money from blog reviews is an easy way to make money.

There are companies that specialize in acting as the middle man between blog owners and internet marketers that are looking for ways to promote their products. The only requirement, in most cases, is that you have to have a blog that is getting traffic. The more traffic that your blog receives, the more money that you can charge. Some blog review websites do require that your blog has been in existence for a certain period of time but that depends on the individual site.

The rules are also different for each site. Some blogging review sites will ask you to write the review for the internet marketer, while others will allow the marketer to do it. If you would rather not work with a company, you can strike out on your own. To drum up business, you should visit internet marketing forums and offer to either write blog reviews for marketers or post reviews that are already written. Make sure that you require all posts to be unique. Put the post through copyscape to make sure. Again, to make your offer attractive, you need to be either be receiving traffic or have a blog with high PR. To shortcut the process, consider purchasing a site that has a PR of 3 or higher and then post some ads on Google adwords. This will entice marketers to pay for reviews. You can find reviewers at places like the Digital Point Forum.

If you decide that you would rather work with a blog review company, here are a few of the best ones. You can receive up to $30 for a blog review. Individuals can choose which blogs they want their reviews on based on a blogs PR (page rank), Alexa ranking and niche.

Blogvertise: This site pays between $10-$20 for a review post.

ReviewMe: This site can really help you bring in the money with your blog. Some reviewers pay thousands of dollars but most pay in the $40-$80 range.

Making money from either writing or posting reviews about other’s people website can be a good way to bring in some extra dough. However, your blog has to either be receiving a lot of traffic, have a high Alexa ranking and/or high page rank. If you blog does not qualify now, go ahead and start working on it so that in a few months time you can take advantage of this very simple way to earn with your blog. If you want to shorten the process consider purchasing a domain name that already has page rank and a decent Alexa rating.