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How To Use Blogs/Blogging To Generate Leads For Your Home Business /Network Marketing?

A blog can be a terrific source for leads for your work from home business &/or mlm business. Here is how you could do that. First of all, you can add a sign up form on the side bar of your blog to collect the name and email address of your blog visitors. You could offer a free sample or free report or ebook or something of value in exchange for their contact information. Maybe your upline or the company you are an mlm/ network marketing distributor for has something for you to give away also, for example, free samples or information.

The key point is you are trying to collect names for further follow-up and you can use your blog as a way to accomplish that. You would need an autoresponder too. An autoresponder gives you a chance to deliver the free information you promised, based on unlimited messages, at the frequency determined by you. You can even attach attachments or files or pictures to your subscribers.

It also gives you the opportunity to follow up and present more useful information. This is called relationship building and is an essential part of building a successful mlm, network marketing or work from home business, and converting some of your subscribers into distributors. It has been said a person has to hear about something up to 11 times before they act on it. Research had been conducted to verify the abovementioned assertion.

So now you have the basics down about how you do it. Let’s go back and talk some more about blogging. You can successfully use your blog to talk about your home business &/or mlm network marketing business as well as other topics related to mlm as an industry, internet marketing, and other things related to home business and work at home. Share with them how your business works, what benefits they will gain by joining you, what are their responsibilities, ie what is in for them if they join you.

Incorporating a strategy of offering free training and information is a great way to generate leads from your blog and the traffic you get to it. This is a very soft sell approach to giving first and receiving later.

Getting traffic to a blog is for another training article, but suffice it to say that you will need traffic, lots of them. That means promoting your blog with every free, nearly free, and paid advertising method you can come up with and afford.

Generally setting up a is the fastest and easiest way to get a blog up and running. It is owned by Google and is very user friendly. For a little more comprehensive blogging platform look at setting up a hosting account and using WordPress. It offers many plugins that are very search engine friendly and make adding social bookmarking to your articles easy as well.

Because of the many benefits of blogging you should get one started and use it to generate leads and to build a mailing list for future new distributors as well. In addition, you may want to obtain an Autoresponder to automate your business via email marketing to bring your business to greater heights. Go ahead and capitalise on this traffic strategy!