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Cart Pro for Virtuemart


Have you ever thought about making an innovation for your cart system? An important element of your site seems to be ignored. The default cart doesn’t allow your client checking cart directly and they get annoyed when being redirected to another page. Virtuemart cart pro can make it disappears with the Ajax technology.


  • Ajax technology Client can access to the cart from any pages because it is pinned flexibly on the side bar.
  • Customized position Admin can choose to show on the left center / right center side bar of your website so that customer can use it easily.
  • Easy to activate/deactivate the cart
  • Fly to cart effect Thereby, when client clicks onto “add to cart” button, the item will fly to the cart. This makes a great shopping experience to client.
  • Confirmation pop-up After adding items, client can see confirmed message that is shown on a pop-up. It saves space on your site.


  • Quickly open the cart
  • Auto-update the cart without redirecting to another page
  • Access cart from any where
  • Nice effect for cart
  • Customize the cart’s position


VERSION 3.0.0 – Updated on 27th, August 2014

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8
  • Get product image to put into established cart position
  • Fix in admin configuration: characters can’t be inputted, only positive number
  • Fix le8: Checkout button is out of original position


Installation Service: