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4 Ways you Can Make Money Online With your Blog Post

When you blog online, it is really important to be not shy about promoting products on your blog. In the past I used to think that if I pitched too much my viewers wont like it. But the fact is that the blogger also have to make a living from his efforts so once in a while it’s good to have a pitch on your blog but not too much.

Here’s are 4 ways I normally do it on my blog which I found great success with:

1. Direct Pitch Post

This style of writing may offend new readers if they just visited your blog but it does show a point and direct message to tell them to buy something. Although everyone do not like reading a sales pitch post, but if you not pitch to your viewers, your customers will never know directly what you are trying to sell them.

2. In Direct Pitch Post

I love doing this the most because the pitch is so hidden that you will never noticed it’s a pitch link. However I realized although you may have a high click through for the link. But the chances of them closing the browser after they click on the link would also be higher depending what the person offer on the sales page.

Some sales page would offer a free gift which I felt is a good way of generating leads and sales. But there are also some that only hard sell to you. There are pros on and cons to each type of sales copy but you should try a mix of both and test.

3. Review Products Post

A very innocent way to sell a product on your blog would be by reviewing people’s product. However you would not want your WHOLE blog to be about just reviews. You need a good mix of both quality information and reviews. Most blogger made a mistake of just providing information but do not offer any products or recommendations.

4. Put Your Affiliate Links To Keywords of Your Other Post

You can also promote affiliate links using hidden words or parts of your blog post on your blog. I had seen many bloggers do that quite often with great success and proof to convert also pretty well. There are also plug-ins you can buy to replace all words on your blog or some of the keywords to always point to your affiliate links too.