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Here, I’m going to make them as simple as possible, as straight forward as possible. So here are The Ultimate Blogging Tips :

1. Simple Blog Design

I believe you’ve heard this phrase before, “Simply The Best”. So you got it, make your blog as simple as possible. The only thing you should pay more attention to is your content. Write something that is very informative and you will eventually get the traffic you wish for. If your blog design is too complicated, most of the visitors will feel messy about your blog then you will waste your traffic. Plain simple design will be the best.

2. Your Content Is King

Always remember this. In blogging sphere, content is the most important ingredient if you want to success in blogs. Why are people visits your blog? Because your blog has got information they’re looking for. If you don’t have anything that can attract visitors, then there will be no reasons for them to come to your blog. Here is what you can do about your content. Try to use a appearing colour for your content compare with all the other words outside of your content. You want to make your content easy to read and stand out. Dull font options will make your visitors difficult to read. This is especially true if your post is very long and full of words. Visitors are not going to read something that is very long and difficult to read. So you get my point here.

3. Use Less Techie Widgets

Its nice to have a high tech widget stay in your sidebar. But if they’re too much, then your visitors might attracted to them and follow the link to other sites. This is what you don’t want. Besides that, using too much high tech widgets will make your blog loads slower. Again, you may lost visitors due to this reason. It is not that you can’t use any of them, but my suggestion is, use less. Don’t let your widgets eat up your traffic.

4. Make Your Blog As Professional As Possible

You can achieve this via many ways. One of them is use a standard font size and colour for all the words in your blog. For example, use blue colour to indicate links. In the world of internet, everyone knows that blue means link. As for your title and sub title, you can also standardized the colour. Do not use all different colour, they will look confusing and unprofessional.

5. Repeat Your Best Posts

You may want to repeat your best post, but in a different manner. I’m not asking you to repost the same thing exactly. You can stress back again with your best post in your blog. Some visitors might miss your best post. You want people to read about your best right, so this will be it. However, don’t keep on doing this though. Or else your visitors may think that you don’t have any other topics to write.

So here are all the tips for now. To your success.

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