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Business Blogs, Laser Targeting Your Company Blog Posts For Better Sales

Do you know who your potential clients or customers are? Do you know what they are looking for and how they are looking?

It’s extremely important to understand just how your clients or customers might get to you in order to blog effectively. The reason is that you want to hone your posts and post titles in order to more effectively land specific search phrases that are beneficial to your users.

Let me explain.

If you sell widget ‘A’, you want to target the terms for widget ‘A’, right? So depending on your widget, you need to make posts beneficial to your clients. Let’s say that your widget requires specific parts for repair or service. People do get online and search for these parts, they do try and repair their stuff themselves. So if you sell parts to repair your widget, you need to make blog posts with titles that include the name of that part.

Over time, your posts will nab some of these listings for these parts. So even though you have number one in Google for ’super resistant widget coating’, if it directly applies to your widget and people search for it, it will improve your bottom line.

Make sense?

Let me give you a more specific example.

Bob sells stereo equipment. Lots of high end, model specific stereo equipment. Stuff that runs a pretty penny. So does Bob want to get listings for ’stereo amplifiers’? Yes, Bob does. But the traffic Bob receives is going to convert poorly. Because most of the slobs looking for ’stereo amplifiers’ are looking for lots of different types of amps. Maybe they are searching for car amplifiers, maybe for a cheap house amp, maybe for a mid range amp , etc. A very small percentage of that traffic will actually purchase what Bob is selling.

But what if Bob nabs listings for the stereo heads that actually buy the equipment Bob sells? Wouldn’t it be better if Bob had the listings for the model numbers and the names of the units Bob offers? So Bob is probably better off writing posts about items he actually sells and titling those posts with the model numbers and brand names for the units. Because Bob is going to land some of those listings.

This is how big companies like Amazon and Ebay win the traffic game each and every day. They don’t need to get a jillion hits for a non specific term, because that traffic doesn’t convert as well as people searching by specific product name. Nope, they would much rather have a bunch of pages receive a smaller amount of targeted visitors, looking for the specific item for sale.

It’s how they make a truckload of sales my friends. And you can use this same process to build your own traffic.

Do a little math on this. Let’s go back to Bob. Let’s imagine that our Bob does in fact nab a number one listing for ’stereo amplifiers’ and gets 500 visitors a day. Because the traffic is not targeted, let’s assume that Bob is still a stellar salesman and his site is able to convert 1 in 500 visitors (1:500). Let’s say our Bob makes $100 every time he makes a sale for our math project. Cha ching! Bob has $100 smackers.

But let’s say our Bob has been blogging his brains out every day and has the same 500 people coming in off of 10 different, very specific listings, laser targeted to sell his product. Our conversion rate is naturally going to go up, because now Bob has changed his traffic and has many more potential buyers. Now our Bob is rocking, because with the same amount of daily blogging, and the same amount of traffic, Bob is now converting an average of 1:100. So now one out of every 100 visitors to Bob’s blog is now a customer. Bob is making more money. Remember, Bob makes $100 smackers for every sale, so Bob’s bottom line has now gone thru the roof. Bob has $500 smackers now. And Bob is much happier.

But it doesn’t stop there. Bob also has more in other realms. Bob now has a larger client base, and a much better return customer base if he takes care of his customers. Bob also runs a newsletter from his site, so Bob signs a lot of people up that are interested in his products and come to the site based on the specific items he sells. Though he didn’t sell them this time, he now has a way to contact them with more items, which he already knows they like, and gets yet another opportunity to sell them.

See how this keeps building traffic, all from the same effort, and the same 500 visitors per day.

So hone your blogs, target your blog posts. Know who your users are and what you sell. If you blog about the products you offer and talk to your users, you’ll win bigger in the long run.

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