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Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart


One thing that any excellent online shop must have is a beautiful and neat cart which is normally presented in drop down list form. Ajax Drop-down Cart for Virtuemart shows its advantages by applying Ajax effects, making your website clearer and smoother; thus, customers can focus on continuing shopping and especially being easy to update dynamic contents right on cart. 

How it works

Just after only few steps to activate the module and place the cart (top/ header is recommended), the drop-down cart is ready to work!


  1. Auto-update
    For the dynamic contents like quantity or total price, when they are changed, customer can get them updated right on cart without reloading all page. Then, they can keep shopping nearly instantly.
  2. Quickly Add to Cart
    Customers can add a product to cart just by one click without loading a new cart page and then continue to shop right away.
  3. Products Removing
    Remove buttons next to every product in the dropdown list allows your clients remove any product without entering a cart page each time.
  4. Product Thumbnail
    A thumbnail product image in a cart is very helpful for shoppers to remember and compare which products they added to the cart. 
  5. Various Skins
    Admin can freely choose any cart skin that fits to different businesses or store‚Äôs styles. 
  6. Multiple Languages and Currencies
    No need for translation or currencies transformation anymore. We offer everything you need!


  • Complete your website appearance tidily and functionally 
  • Save time with the function of auto-updating content
  • Making shopping more convenient and interesting 
  • Easy to install, customize and function 
  • More choices for color
  • Access cart from anywhere
  • Customized elements of cart (icons, buttons)


VERSION 2.5.0 – Updated on 3th October, 2014

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8
  • Fix error of updating price when quantity changed
  • Fix error of displaying wrong price in module position


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